We commit to securing your privacy

BluestSoft, Inc is committed to securing the privacy of your personal information. Our company will use the information collected exclusively for processing orders and providing you with a better shopping experience. We take reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information will be used only for internal purposes and it will not be provided to any third party.

Collecting and using information

There are several ways we employ to collect and use information. The following are currently in place:

• When placing orders we need to know personal information that is related to processing, fulfilling, and giving you feedback on the order status.
• When registering, we collect information that will help us better serve you by keeping you informed with product updates or new product offerings, as well as provide timely technical support.
• BluestSoft, Inc. reserves the right to disseminate and analyze aggregate data, but not individually assignable, so that it can get in-sight of customers’ behavior, attitudes and demographics. Such data will help us be more responsive to users’ needs as related to our products.
• Consistent with our commitment to privacy, all our e-mails are opt-in, meaning that we provide you with the alternative of un-subscribing from our list at any time. We reassure you that the information will not be shared with any other party.


BluestSoft may use “cookies” to learn about you and to remember you the next time you visit our website. This allows for your subsequent visits to be simpler and more seamless. On most browsers, acceptance of cookies can be turned off through options. (For Web pages requiring authorization, cookies are not optional. Cookies must be enabled in order to access those pages.)

BluestSoft may track IP address (the Internet address of a computer) to keep track of a user’s session. User’s personal information remains totally anonymous. Tracking IP address allows us to learn helpful information, such as where the users are spending the most time. This allows us to build a website and products that are better suited for your needs.


Security of your personal information is extremely important to us. When you purchase products from BluestSoft’s online store, we establish a “secure session” using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol lets you securely pass information between systems by creating a private conversation that only your computer and BluestSoft’s system can understand (called “public key cryptography”).

To benefit from the SSL technology, you will need an SSL-capable browser. Examples of browsers that support the SSL technology are Netscape Navigator 2.0 and later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 and later and American Online for Windows 3.0 and later. (For more detail, see your browser’s documentations.)